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Accident Lawyer Zine

Auto Accident Attorney Payment Plans


Knowing what the different payment plans entail is necessary to make a choice. This way, you will not find any difficulty making payments regardless of your financial situation. With that in mind, here are some of the payment plans you are bound to come across.


First, we have the most common payment plan, which is the contingency fee. This is perhaps the most common and highly publicized payment system used by attorneys at this website due to its numerous advantages to the client. With this plan, the attorney is entitled to a fraction of the total amount of money the clients wins from his or her case. Therefore, this amount is not constant and it might vary depending on the state and from one attorney to another.


Nonetheless, most attorneys charge from 33% to 40% of the settlement amount as contingency fee. In other states, you might get as high as 55% or as low as 15%. What you are bound to get depends on how you do your research. However, contingency fee is not applicable in all cases. For that reason, you need to find out whether your case is covered by this payment plan. 


The other payment plan you might use is the retainer method. With this method, the client agrees with the attorney on the figure that he or she needs to pay upfront. Keep in mind that this is only part of the fee that will be charged by the attorney. Other fees include case filing fees, contingency fee and court fee. Since retainer is an agreeable figure between the attorney and the client, it may vary depending on the client's bargaining power. View for facts about power of attorney.


Another payment method common with auto accident attorneys include hourly fee. This is perhaps the most dicey payment plan. Just as the name suggests, you will pay the attorney an agreeable figure based on the time he or she spent on the case. The risky bit is some attorneys will opt to spend more time on the case in order to get more money from you. However, if you are lucky, you might get a reputable attorney who is only dedicated to help you in your case. Therefore, before you opt for this plan, inquire from the attorney how long the case might take. If you want the best lawyers to help you with your case, check it out!